dimanche 14 février 2010

Ron Banks And The Dramatics - Dramatically Yours (Volt - 1974)

Ron Banks And The Dramatics - Dramatically Yours

The frequent change in personnal didn't prevent The Dramatics to release three excellent first albums back to back. Dramatically Yours is the least kown but is as good as the two other ones. It just failed to chart any single issued of it.You still find on it that exquisite soul harmonies from one of the best male bands of the time. It always amazed me how a band succeed to be that good while changing always of singers (including lead singers) and without the strong hand of a unique producer behind it, even if they were signed on Stax subsidiary, which, in itself is a sign of quality. For the first time, the songs were not penned by solely Tony Hester, but by other writers as well. Pure magic.

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