samedi 28 mai 2011

Quantic presents Tropical Funk Experience (Nascente - 2010)

Tru Thoughts producer Quantic makes the perfect addition to the Palenque Palenque compilation I posted a while ago. While Palenque Palenque was restricted to the Columbian scene, Tropical Funk Experience explores both Columbian and Panamean scenes and and doesn't limit itself to the champeta style but features 70's cumbia or salsa artists. The same suspects are of course here on both compilations (Wganda Kenya, Aberlardo Carbono Y Su Conjunto, Pedro Beltran) but fortunately the songs are not the same. Being a producer and DJ work, Tropical Funk Experience is a bit more mainstream than Palenque Palenque and is consequently able to please the less adventurous ears.

Download => Quantic presents Tropical Funk Experience

dimanche 22 mai 2011

Ronald Mesquita - Bresil 72 (Barclay - 1972)

Recorded in France by an all Brazilian casting (Ricardo Do Canto, Rolando Faria, Ricardo Pontes, Gilson Peranzzetta, vocalist Marly Tavares), Bresil 72 is a samba soul gem that acquired its cult following by rare groove fanatics. A long time unavaible or only for an indecent prize, it was recently reedited by Vadim Music, a French label that is the only way to discover Brazilian music recorded in France. Bresil 72 is mainly made of covers of songs written by Jorge Ben (Balança Pema), Jobim (Aguas De Março), Milton Nascimento (Cançâo Do Sal- Tema De Tostâo), Gilberto Gil (Fechado Pra Balanço) or Toqhinho and Vinicius De Moraes (Tarde Em Itapôa). You recognize each song at the first note and it's just the kind of record that make you spend a good day everytime you put it on the record player.

Download => Ronald Mesquita - Bresil 72

samedi 14 mai 2011

The Soul Side Of The Street Vol. 1 - Hot Phoenix Soul Sides From The Vault Of Hadley Murrell - 1964-1972 (Wind Hit/Grounded Music - 2010)

Like in most of major American cities in the 60's and 70's, a soul and funk scene bursted in Phoenix, mainly under the impulsion of Hadley Murrell. After several stints in local rock and roll radios, Hadley ventured into promotion and then into production and publishing with the creation of his own label, Wind Hit. Behind the control board, he produced every talent that emerged from Phoenix in soul and funk. You'll find here 15 tracks the man produced between 1964 and 1972 for bands going by the name of Freddi-Henchi & The Soulsetters, The Servicemen or Bobby Soul. You won't find any hidden masterpiece but only solid and well executed deep soul and R&B, staid forgotten until now. This compilation easily compete in quality and rarity with Numero Group releases.

Download => The Soul Side Of The Street Vol. 1

dimanche 8 mai 2011

Special Ed - Youngest In Charge (Profile Records - 1989)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please: you're about to download a true hip hop masterpiece. Released by a then unkwown sixteen years old Flatbush alumni, Special Ed, Youngest In Charge starts with two absolute classics, so often sampled and quoted you probably know them even if you never heard them: I Got It Made and I'm The Magnificent. Boosted by Howie Tee stallar production, the teenager boasts classic verses of braggadocio with a perfect flow, slowly leaving the old school rhyming style to head in in a more modern direction. On Club Scene, Special Ed ventures into hip-house with an equal success while on Heds and Dreeds, he pays respect to his Jamaican roots. With this record, Special Ed made a very impressive entry in the hip hop game, with an album as good as Eric B & Rakim, EPMD or LL Cool J releases of the time. Unfortunately, Special Ed gave almost everything he had in the guts with Youngest In Charge and never released anything else that much interesting. I have posted the 2009 CD reedition that comes with must-have bonuses: a handfull of very good remixes of I Got It Made, Think About It, I'm The Magnificent and Club Scene and two rare tracks, One In A Million and Ready 2 Attack.

Download => Special Ed - Youngest In Charge