samedi 28 mai 2011

Quantic presents Tropical Funk Experience (Nascente - 2010)

Tru Thoughts producer Quantic makes the perfect addition to the Palenque Palenque compilation I posted a while ago. While Palenque Palenque was restricted to the Columbian scene, Tropical Funk Experience explores both Columbian and Panamean scenes and and doesn't limit itself to the champeta style but features 70's cumbia or salsa artists. The same suspects are of course here on both compilations (Wganda Kenya, Aberlardo Carbono Y Su Conjunto, Pedro Beltran) but fortunately the songs are not the same. Being a producer and DJ work, Tropical Funk Experience is a bit more mainstream than Palenque Palenque and is consequently able to please the less adventurous ears.

Download => Quantic presents Tropical Funk Experience

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