dimanche 8 mai 2011

Special Ed - Youngest In Charge (Profile Records - 1989)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please: you're about to download a true hip hop masterpiece. Released by a then unkwown sixteen years old Flatbush alumni, Special Ed, Youngest In Charge starts with two absolute classics, so often sampled and quoted you probably know them even if you never heard them: I Got It Made and I'm The Magnificent. Boosted by Howie Tee stallar production, the teenager boasts classic verses of braggadocio with a perfect flow, slowly leaving the old school rhyming style to head in in a more modern direction. On Club Scene, Special Ed ventures into hip-house with an equal success while on Heds and Dreeds, he pays respect to his Jamaican roots. With this record, Special Ed made a very impressive entry in the hip hop game, with an album as good as Eric B & Rakim, EPMD or LL Cool J releases of the time. Unfortunately, Special Ed gave almost everything he had in the guts with Youngest In Charge and never released anything else that much interesting. I have posted the 2009 CD reedition that comes with must-have bonuses: a handfull of very good remixes of I Got It Made, Think About It, I'm The Magnificent and Club Scene and two rare tracks, One In A Million and Ready 2 Attack.

Download => Special Ed - Youngest In Charge

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