samedi 3 septembre 2011

Sly & Robbie - Leaving Dub (Going For A Song - 2002)

I  left you in july with a Sly & Robbie post and guess what, I'm back in september with a Sly & Robbie post. Don't be afraid by the ugly cover of this bargain CD, probably one of the shittiest ever produced by the recorded music industry since its creation . It's the cheapest way to acquire Sly & Robbie's Dub Rockers Delight album, released here under another name, Leaving Dub. Dub Rockers Delight is the dub version of Lacksley Castell's Morning Glory LP (thank you Roots Archives It was recorded in Studio One and Tuff Gong studios in 1982 and produced by Robert Flacko Palmer. In fact, this album is heavy on reggae instrumentation and not that much in dub effects which are very light. It's not exactly at the same level than the masterpiece of the genre but it's difficult for me to be objective when Sly & Robbie are involved and I found the overall album pretty good. There's enough drum and bass here to satisfy any head.

Download=> Sly & Robbie - Leaving Dub (aka Dub Rockers Delight)

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