samedi 7 janvier 2012

The Jungle Band - Jungle Groove (Charly Records - 1988)

I wonder why the cover of this CD reissue is so ugly. Jungle Groove dates back to 1988 when a bunch of James Brown tour musicians hooked up with local talent in Augusta, Georgia, get locked up in a studio, The Hut, for furious nights of jam session and decided to produce a real old school funk album in a time when American R&B was a field of ruins. Even if a few keyboards lines or drum beats here and there sounds a bit cheesy and dated, the overall result is a piece of furious deep and p funk with fabulous breaks. The Jungle Band released only one album and then its members went back to their separate ways. It took almost 20 years and the actual old school soul revival to take funk where The Jungle Band let it. This 1994 reissue holds all 1988 original tracks plus 3 bonus tracks.

Download => The Jungle Band - Jungle Groove

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