dimanche 16 septembre 2012

Rhythm Machine - Rhythm Machine (Lulu Records - 1976)

Now Again Records already reedited this album in 2006 and released it again a few weeks ago with a few bonus tracks. I have posted today the 2006 reedition. If you want te 2012 reedition, well, just buy it. Rhythm Machine had made a reputation as a solid touring band in their native Indiana, born on the ashes of The Highlighters (The Funky 16 Corners anyone ?). They recorded their sole album, Rhythm Machine, in 1976, delivering the kind of album you wouldn't expect from a touring band. Instead of going only the energetic tight hard funk way they're good at, they plaid a smooth spacey soul and funk as well that made me think of Roy Ayers or Earth Wind & Fire works of the same time. It's clear those guys could handle their instruments but their were very inspired as well. A brilliant album.

 Download => Rhythm Machine - Rhythm Machine

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