mardi 1 juin 2010

Black Rio 2 - Original Samba Soul 1968-1981 (Strut - 2009)

Black Rio 2

Compiled by British DJ Cliffy, Black Rio 2 digs deep in the samba soul dusty crates, chasing rare groove and obscure gems at every corner of Brazil. Samba soul is a generic terminology covering a lot of styles, from funk to soul or disco, but all with a distinctive brazilian flavor and representing "an important moment when blacks came down from the shanty towns and (...) were accepted by the music industry making music other than samba" as state the liner notes. Needless to say that DJ Cliffy made a brilliant work and that all the tracks are catchy and sure floor fillers, able to turn the most boring BBQ into a dancing drunken revel. My favorite track on this compilation is Supermarket by Otavio Augusto Fernandes Cardoso aka Pete Dunaway. With its bassline, its beat, its wah wah guitar and its melody full of gloomy strings, it's the kind of song that, even if Pete Dunaway sang with an English accent worst than mine, makes you realise that you live, for god's sake, and that your life is not that bad !!!

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