dimanche 30 mai 2010

The Class Of Mayfield High - Billy Butler - Major Lance - Otis Leavill (Demon-Westside - 1999)

The Class Of Mayfield High

The Class Of Mayfield High is an excellent compilation digging 60's and 70's singles of Billy Butler, Major Lance and Otis Leavill released on the Brunswick and Dakar Chicago imprints. The three guys shared a common master, Curtis Mayfield, who was barely their age but was affirming himself already as the undisputed leader and choice songwriter of the chicagoan soul scene. If Billy Butler, Major Lance or Otis Leavill had a voice a bit too common, to pretend to Curtis throne, they nonetheless scored a handful of smoking deep soul scorchers, backed by Brunswick and Dakar first class studio musicians, as good as the Funk Brothers ,while Willie Henderson Carl Davis were sharing the producer seat. Really, really good.

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Noel a dit…

Just discovered your blog. Fantastic! Really wonderful selections. Is there any chance of reposting this album? Thank you.