dimanche 16 mai 2010

L.T.D. - Love To The World (A&M - 1976)

L.T.D. - Love To The World

This record was a bit of a disapointment. I was a big fan of Larry and Fonce Mizell production work, especially their Blue Note period for the likes of Donald Byrd or Bobby Hutcherson but I didn't find the cool funkyness of the previous artists on L.T.D. (for Love, Togertheness & Devotion) third album. The ingredients were the same (funky songs with a jazzy feeling or jazzy songs with a funky feeling) and it works extremely well on the first track, Love To The World, as well as on two fantastic ballads, Love Ballad and Love To The World Prayer. But on the rest of the album, the recipe doesn't work. It's not that Love To The World is a bad record, it just that it doesn't really stand out amidst other records produced by the Mizell brothers. Maybe I was expecting too much...

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