mercredi 19 mai 2010

? And The Mysterians - The Best Of ? And The Mysterians (Abkco - 2005)

? And The Mysterians - The Best Of ? And The Mysterians

This is not a real best of as this compilation gathers ? And The Mysterians two LP's released by Chicago based label Cameo Parkway, 96 Tears and Action, the non-LP single Do Something To Me/Love Me Baby (Cherry July) and two unreleased versions of Midnight Hour and 96 Tears. 96 Tears (69 with the numbers turned around) was ? And The Mysterians moment of glory, their legacy to rock'n'roll 60's circus. This piece of efficiency and minimalism has the best organ (Farfisa, Thomas Organ or Vox Continental, the debate has never been completely settled even if the inner notes plead for Thomas Organ) riff ever written for a rock song, equal with Light My Fire. ? And The Mysterians released the two albums here compiled after this masterpiece and then vanished into obscurity, letting fans mourning their raw fuzzy bluesy garage sound and their shades wearing crazy leader, Rudy Martinez.

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