mardi 25 mai 2010

Billy Eckstine - Senior Soul (Enterprise - 1972)/If She Walked Into My Life (Enterprise - 1974)

Billy Eckstine - Senior Soul/If She Walked Into My Life

Billy Eckstine was already a well established jazz artist when he signed on Stax subsidiary, Enterprise. He was singing since at least 1944, when he formed his own big band, and had recorded his first album in 1950. Before Stax, he even released three albums on Motown, being probably one of the only singers releasing albums on both labels, Motown AND Stax. But with his baritone, the lush and sultry orchestrations of his songs, Billy Eckstine Stax tenure was closer to The Rat Pack and Tom Jones tries and far away from your usual raw deep soul Stax moments. That's what made the true originality of those two albums. Senior Soul is a pure great moment of singalong Brill Building soul, Mr Eckstine showing to his label mates who the boss is. If She Walked Into My Life is a bit less good and a bit too slow for me.

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