mercredi 5 mai 2010

Psych Funk 101 - 1968-1975 - A Global Psychedelic Funk Curriculum (Now Again - 2009)

Psych Funk 101

Once again, Egon is at the control for a trip around the psychedelic nuggets from his huge record collection. Coming from the 4 corners of the earth, from Turkey (Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi) to Nigeria (Kukumbas), from South Korea (Kim Sun) to Iran (Mehr Pooya), passing by Lebanon, (Wadih Essafi) Italy (The Group, Armando Sciascia) or Russia (George Garaninan With The Melodiya Jazz Ensemble), this collection of 14 unknown 60's and 70's bands, selected for their talent to mix their native original musical roots with the innovation of American and British psychedelic funk (?) of the same era, will fill with enthusiasm even the most bored looking gentrified western city inhabitant. Fuzzy, funky, moogy, devilish psyche mayhem that changes from punk funk, krautrock or cosmic disco but is in fact not that far away from it...

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