samedi 15 janvier 2011

Nino Rota - Accade Al Penitenziario/Un Eroe Dei Nostri Tempi (CAM - 1992)

This CD gathers two rare Nino Rota soundtracks, composed by the Italian composers in 1955, just 5 years after he started collaborating with Fellini. Accade Al Penitenziario is a sketches comedy realised by Giorgio Bianchi completely unknown and forgotten outside Italy. Nino Rotta score is very symphonic and made me think to a Tex Avery cartoon soundtrack. With Un Eroe Dei Nostri Tempi, a film realised by Mario Monicelli, we are still in comedy territories but this time Nino Rota switched style and his score mixes ragtime jazz with circus music.

Download => Nino Rota - Accadde Al Penitenziario/Un Eroe Dei Nostri Tempi

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