samedi 29 janvier 2011

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Red Black & Green (Polydor - 1973)

Roy Ayers discography is slowly being reissued those last few years, even if at least the half of his discography stays unavailable for the common people. This is a real shame, the guy being one of my most favorite artist ever and having blessed the surfaced of earth with his talent since 1963 without any real mistake or failure. Consequently, let's enjoy this hip-oselect new edition of Red, Black & Green, a classic collection of covers (Ain't No Sunshine, Day Dreaming, Papa Was A Rolling Stone) getting the Roy Ayers vibraphonic treatment and a true masterpiece, the title song Red Black & Green. For the record, Red, Black & Green has been sampled a few times, from the X-Clan (Raise The Flag) to former Stetsasonic Daddy-O (Flowin' In File) but not that much.

Download => Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Red Black & Green

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