dimanche 6 février 2011

Rhyze - To The Top (20th Century Fox Records - 1981)

This 1981 forgotten album truly deserved to be rediscovered. Rhyze started to play together in New Jersey in 1970 under The Nu Sound Express moniker. They released a couple of songs and then switched their name to Rhyze. To The Top was their third album, is produced by their childhood friend, Paul Kyzer and deserves clearly its disco funk classic status. After a decade of turning the funk circuit, this unknwon band reached an incredible level of inspiration and musicianship, near the heights of the best bands of the same time. Horns blasts like in Earth, Wind & Fire while the guitar and bass lines matches easily Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers productions. Try it at home: play this record and you won't prevent your feet and your neck from moving while feeling this melancolic little twist. Killing subtle shit, plain and simple.

Download => Rhyze - To The Top

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