mardi 22 février 2011

Roy Ayers - Lots Of Love (Uno Melodic Records - 1983)

Reedited recently on Soul Jazz, Lots Of Love is a really strange album, Roy Ayers switching style on each song. It starts with an afrobeat number, Black Family, clearly inspired by Fela Kuti with whom Roy Ayers signed the album Music Of many Colours 3 years before. But the track, after a vibraphones solo, ventures into hip hop territory with the introduction of an MC. The second track, Fast Money, is clearly inspired by electro funk with its drumbox beat and its robotic voice on the chorus. The tracks Lots Of Love and And Then We Were One are a bit cheesy, mixing post disco boogie beats with jazzy elevator melodies. On D.C. City, Roy Ayers produces what he does the best: sultry vocals with uplifting soul music. The strongest cut on the album is probably the last one, Chicago, a seminal hypnotic track that clearly inspired Chicago and Detroit house music masters a few years later (Moodyman, Theo Parrish and co).

Download => Roy Ayers - Lots Of Love

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