samedi 2 avril 2011

The Bombing - The Very Best Of Bost & Bim Reggae Remixes (Beats Mob Records - 2009)

If you like reggae remixes, here are the masters of the game, French Bost & Bim, even better than Taggy Matcher, Mato or Grant Phabao. Their mixtapes serie, Yankees A Yard is already a must have. But The Bombing, their compilation of their best pop ans soul classics reggae remixes, is a pure killer. They took absolute masterpieces (Let's Get It On, Superfreak, I Want You Back, Ain't No Mountain High Enough and so on...) and succeed to remix them without sounding corny. Play any one of those tracks and you'll make any dancefloor going crazy. I just wonder where they found the acapellas to make all their remixes...


1- Marvin Star - Let's Get It On
2- Supa James - Superfreak
3- Little Stevie - For Your Love
4- Diana Supreme: My World Is Empty
5- Fabulous Five - I Want You Back
6- Little Stevie - Uptight
7- Marvin & Tammi - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
8- The Thieves - Message In A Bottle
9- John & Paul - Girl
10- Smokey Miracle - Tracks Of My Tears
11- Sista Janis - Mercedes Benz
12- Marvin Star - Sexual Healing
13- Diana Supreme - Baby Love
14- John & Paul feat. Ras Pidow - Because

Download => The Bombing - The Very Best Of Bost & Bim Reggae Remixes

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