lundi 25 avril 2011

Sheila & B.Devotion - Spacer b/w Don't Go (Carrere - 1979)

Once an average teen 60's French pop singer, Sheila enjoyed a huge success in France until the end of the 70's, churning out middle of the road and unbearable shitty records, completely in the hands of her producer and her record label. Her only good career choice was to capitalize on the disco craze to try a come back and to choose recording with the kings of disco Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, then at the best of their inspiration. It's even a surprise to consider that those two geniuses accepted to work with Sheila. The story goes that they were looking for a European singer to break the European market. Sheila's label, Carrere, heard the story and proposed to the duo to produce an album for the fledging artist. Nile Rodgers and Benard Edwards accepted to the condition to have a complete freedom and the final say on the record. They locked Sheila in a studio and made her work The Chic Organization way. Sheila notoriously didn't like the result of the recording sessions but changed her mind when Spacer stormed the charts and still is her biggest hit to date. If The Chic Organization fans can go for the complete album, King Of The World, the two best cuts, Spacer and Don't Go, are on the 7'. Sheila's career never really recovered from this huge success and she felt back into mediocrity and low sales. Despite several liftings and several tries, she never really came back one more time.

Download => Sheila & B.Devotion - Spacer b/w Don't Go

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