mardi 1 novembre 2011

Traffic Sound - Yellow Sea Years - Peruvian Psych-Rock-Soul 1968-71 (Vampisoul - 2005)

When you think about Peru, you don't necessarily associate that country musical scene with psychedelic rock. But there is no reason that can explain that this small country would have not been touched by the 70's psychedelic wave. Traffic Sound was at first a covers band created in 1968 by Manuel Sanguinetti (vocals), Freddy Rizo-Patrón (rhythm guitar), Jean Pierre Magnet (sax), Willy "Wilito" Barclay (lead guitar), Willy Thorne (bass) and Luis "Lucho" Nevares (drums). They recorded their first album, A Bailar Go Go, in 1968. They then recorded three more albums but this time with original material: Virgin in 1969, Traffic Sound in 1971 and Lux in 1971. Traffic Sound music easily suffer comparison with its American or European counterparts of the times. They are not an exotic fade but a  strong band with tight songs shaped for worlwide acceptance and success. Even if they used English in their songs, their latin roots can be heard all over their music but in a subtle way especially in the percussion work or the use of the Afro fused saxophone. There isn't any real psychedelic band without their drug hymn. For Traffic Sound, it's the infamous Meskhalina, released in 1969. Making the music of this band available was necessary and we can thank Vampisoul to have selected the best tracks of their albums for this wonderful compilation.

Download => Traffic Sound - Yellow Sea Years

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