samedi 19 novembre 2011

The Voodou Juju Drug - Part 1 b/w Part 2 (Barclay - 1970)

I just found this gem in a Easy Cash shop near my place for 50 cents. I didn't have a clue how was this record when I digged it. I just found the title pretty cool: The Voodou Juju Drug. Back home I googled the name and realised that this 7" had already been posted on a very good blog ( and was worth around 50 euros !!!! The first side, called The Voodou Juju Drug is a freaky breakbeat number with a nice sitar sound. Side 2, Killersteen's Voodou Juju is nice slice of pop afrobeat. According to DJ Alfonso, this record can be credited to library music composer Janko Nilovic.

Download => The Voodou Juju Drug - Part 1 b/w Part 2

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