samedi 3 décembre 2011

Viva La Muerte OST - Ekkoleg b/w Siesta (Barclay - 1970)

Viva La Muerte (Long Live Death in English) is a movie made by Spanish director Fernando Arrabal. Then exiled in France, fleeing dictator Franco’s fascist regime. Arrabal tried to exorcice his demons and its bad memories of the Spanish Civil War, counting the story of a young kid, Fando, that discovers that his missing father has been turned down by his mother to the fascists. Fando then tries to find his father. I never saw this movie but he is quite famous for being disturbing and closed to the surrealist movement with the graphic representation of the dark fantasies of the young boy.

This 7” is apparently the only soundtrack to this film and sums it up very well. Side A, Ekkolag, is  an innocuous singalong song made by a child until you realize that the song is in fact (supposedly) in Danish and sang by adult singer, Grethe Agatz. Side B, Siesta, sounds like an insane Henri Mancini song. It was composed by Edouard Ruault (the real name of now deceased French music mogul and stunner Eddie Barclay)and Raymond Le Sénéchal. Curiously neither sides has been apparently sampled but Ekkoleg was featured in a French advertising a few years ago. For you, fanatic digger, this record can be find easily in France for a modic price but the inflation quickly increases when you cross the French border or try buy it on the internet. A good record worth having anyway.

01 Ekkoleg
  02 Siesta
Download =>Viva La Muerte OST - Ekkoleg b/w Siesta

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