samedi 11 février 2012

Memphis 70 - The City's Funk And Soul In The Decade After Otis 1968 - 1978 (BGP/Ace - 2008)

This excellent compilation explores the underground Memphis soul and funk scene that exploded in the wake of Hi and Stax success. Beyond those two labels greatest artists, dozen of bands and singers were fighting to get their share of wealth. Only a handful succeeded but all let magical testimonies on wax. Memphis 70 features artists from the Enterprise, Sounds Of Memphis, Bar 102, Select-O-Hits, XL, Fretone, or Philiwood rosters with a few Staw unissued songs. Hightlights are Smithstonian's hard gospel, Mississipi Mud, Blackrock's Blackrock Yeah Yeah psychedelic soul, break diggers favorite Mel & Tim's Keep The Faith, already used by Madlib and DJ Premier, and Lillian Hale's deep funk, Don't Boom Boom. All the other tracks are scorchers in fact so this record is worth having and you can built an entire hip hop career by sampling them.

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