vendredi 3 février 2012

The Rap Sound Of Chicago - Rap Trax #1 Compilation (Trax/Watch Out!)

After the songwriting subtlety of Jean-Claude Vannier or David Whitaker of my last posts, let's go back to some raw ghetto shit hailing from Chicago. Released in 1989 in France under the name of The Rap Sound Of Chicago, this compilation can be found as Rap Trax - Volume One in the U.S. and This Is War ! in the U.K. the same year. The tracklistings are in all cases the same: hip house or plain hip hop released on the seminal house label from Chicago, Trax, at the end of the 80's. None of the artists presented enjoyed a real and proper career, Kool Rock Steady excepted. Trax was well known for ripping off its roster of artists and probably none of them never saw any royalty check from this international exposure. All those tracks were made with a very limited budget probably in shitty little studios but their intensity, their authenticity and their freshness make them still  sound pretty relevant  today.

Download => The Rap Sound Of Chicago

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