samedi 3 mars 2012

Rudy Ray Moore - Dolemite (Generation International - 1975)

Rudy Ray Moore was a succesful comedian when he jumped in the Blaxploitation wagon, shooting allegedly one of the baddest (and consequently seminal) movie ever made, Dolemite. Dolemite was already a successful character he used on his comedy routines he just morphed into a badass muthafucka that fight the Man and clean up the ghetto. For the soundtracks, Rudy Ray Moore hired session musicians whom he collectively titled The Soul Rebellion Orchestra. Ben Taylor and Mary Love provided the signing parts while Rudy Ray Moore can be heard toasting on Flatland. The overall result is a raw funky and soulful ride with one of Blaxploitation most enjoyfull soundtrack. I just regret that the sound on this 2006 Relapse reissue is below average. But it allows to find, with the complete Dolemite soundtrack, the Human Tornado soundtrack as well and radio spots made to advertise both movies. A must-have with plenty to sample. Some fellow blogger have already posted this album.

 Download => Rudy Ray Moore - Dolemite

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