samedi 12 mai 2012

Big Youth - A Luta Continua (Heartbeat - 1985)

Usually I am very careful with reggae albums made in the 80's. Reggae was going digital at those times and the rich instrumentation of the 70's was replaced by cheesy electronic drums and keyboards based melodies. A Luta Continua is an exception. Produced by Herbie Miller in Jamaica, Big Youth toasts on instrumentals and backup vocals provided by musicians like Robbie Sakespeare, Sly Dunbar, Leroy Sibles or The Tamlins. Clearly roots, this album is dedicated to the Black people struggles figures in Africa or in the US. Nice riddims, a good DJ well inspired, revolutionary vocals, what else would you ask to a good reggae album?

Download => Big Youth - A Luta Continua

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