samedi 16 juin 2012

The Bullwackie's All Stars - Creation Dub (City Line - 1977)

After a stint for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle, Lloyd Barnes emigrated to New York where he created his Wackie's House Of Music record shop, a music studio and several reggae labels and sublabels. Quickly, from his american headquarters, LLoyd Barnes released some of the finest reggae music ever recorded. It's not a surprise that his catalogue was reedited by Basic Channel, a German label run by guys (Moritz von Ostwald and Mark Ernestus)  for which music is definitely not a joke. Creation Dub is credited to The Bullwackie's All Stars, one of the many configuration of Wackies in-house studio band. Most of the songs are dubbed version of riddims already used by others for Wackies and covers (I Want Get Next To You, rebaptized Next To Jah, Leaving Rome, rebaptized Creation Dub). Deep, heavy and spiritual shit.

 Download =>Creation Dub

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