dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Erotico... Nicaud (Barclay - 1970)

Yes the music sounds like what the cover looks like: erotic gallic pop, in the great Serge Gaisnbourg tradition. Philippe Nicaud was a second rank French actor but was pening texts full of sex and filth when it was about signing. In his case, it's more talkover comedy than actual signing in fact. The symphonic and pop orchestration, influenced by bossa nova and easy listening, was due to Gérard Gustin, a guy you can find behind a lot of French records of the time. Listening to this record is like watching a 70's porn: it's fun, fresh, liberating and makes you believe that something is missing today when it comes about the graphic representation of sexual intercourses between consenting adults. Erotico... Nicaud had the reputation to be a hard to find must-have UFO among record collectors. Vadim Music reedited it in 2009 and it was a brilliant idea. Enjoy, you perverts... It's DSK favorite record, I heard.

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