samedi 24 novembre 2012

Eugene Blackwell - We Can't Take Life For Granted (Ubiquity - 2007)

Oh yes this guy and his band could play tight and hard. Born in Oakland, Eugene Blackwell created his band in high school and showed nearly every club available in the Bay Area what raw funk was and what can be done with a guitar in that area. He recorded a handfull of singles but stayed a local celebrities and never made it at a national level. His 7" became collectible among funky heads and rare groove diggers and it became a matter of time before his work get the proper recognition it deserved. Ubiquity gathered all the recordings Eugene Blackwell made on We Can't Take Life For Granted, with a few radio spots and live clips. Nice work and probably one of the best funk compilation of my collection. Break heads, there is plenty as well  for you here.

Download => Eugene Blackwell - We Can't Take Life For Granted

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