vendredi 17 juin 2011

ZE Sound Of N.Y.C (Les Inrockuptibles - 2011)

Sold with a special edition on NY rock scene of the French indie rock bible news magazine Les Inrockuptibles, this compilation is pure honey for the ears. Michel Esteban has chosen probably 14 of the best tracks of his ZE Records catalogue. If ZE Records artists have been numerous times compiled, especially on ZE own Mutant Disco serie, and are largely reedited, listening again those 14 arty no wave and punk funk missiles just makes you immediatly in a party mood. You'll even find three special edits: the Social Disco Club Edit of Gichy Dan's Beachwood #9's Cowboys & Gangsters, the Pilooski Edit of Don Armando's 2nd Ave. Rhumba Band's I'm An Indian Too and The Barking Dogs Edit of Arto Lindsay-Arto/Neto's Pini, Pini.

Download => ZE Sound Of N.Y.C

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