samedi 1 octobre 2011

Liquid Liquid - Liquid Liquid (GR2 Records - 2008)

No other band deserves more the title of seminal than Liquid Liquid. Much have been said about those 4 new-yorkers. Without Liquid Liquid there would have been no LCD Soundsystem, Battles, a famous scottish DJ duo and plenty of hip hop producers would still be sampling James Brown records in search of the perfect beat. Scott Hartley, Richard McGuire, Salvatore Principato and Dennis Young released only 3 EP's (Optimo in 1983, Successive Reflexes in 1982 and Liquid Liquid in 1981), a few 7" and that's all. They still come back nowadays from time to time for average live shows but they never recovered their original strength. Because the music of those guys is only rythms and percussions (no melody, a few madman lyrics but a massive bassline with drums, marimba, talking drum, and various percussions) it's not that easy to get into it. But if you get grabbed, it can change your life. Punk funk at its best. This compilation comes with the 3 above mentioned EP's and 4 live tracks recorded in Berkley Square in 1982.

Download => Liquid Liquid - Liquid Liquid

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