mardi 27 avril 2010

The O'Jays - Back Stabbers (Philadelphia International Records - 1972)

The O'Jays - Back Stabbers

Back from my previous psychedelic posts for a record that is largely considered like a stunning soul classic, Back Stabbers. The success of Back Stabbers allowed Gamble & Huff to launch for good Philadelphia International Records and made of The O'Jays (Walter Williams, William Powell and Eddie Levert) stars after nearly 10 years of checkered career. They still tour today thanks to songs like Back Stabbers, Time To Get Down or a song that sum up Philly soul by itself, Love Train. Every song on Back Stabbers is just a miracle of delicacy and uplift. The O'Jays, despite a couple of other excellent records, never reached that creative peak again. One curious thing is that Back Stabbers songs have not been that much sampled. Another curious thing is that their stage clothes for TV shows were the same than on their record cover.

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