lundi 5 avril 2010

State Of Micky And Tommy (Magic Records - 2008)

State Of Micky And Tommy

Born in England, Micky Jones and Tommy Brown left their country for France in the mid 60's, looking for a success that was denied to them at home. They became quickly adopted by the cream of the crop of French pop singers that were trying to modernize their sound copying the British Invasion artists. They probably saved Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Halliday careers, crafting them irresistable beat songs. Micky and Tommy became reknowned songwriter and session musicians in France but never really succeed as perfomers despite numerous EP's released under several monikers: Micky & Tommy, The Blackburds, Nimrod or The J&B. From pop to R&B or psyche, they followed every trends but staid in the shadow. Micky finally left France the US where he created Foreigner. This compilation, released in France, gather all their French period EP's and singles as well as their contributions to a couple of soundtracks.

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