jeudi 8 avril 2010

Taggy Matcher - Hip Hop Reggae Series Vol 1 (Stix - 2009)

Taggy Matcher - Hip Hop Reggae Series Vol 1

Blending hip hop tunes with reggae riddims is as original as creating a music blog. But Taggy Matcher does it better, with as much talent as the French king of the exercice, Grant Phabao ( Each riddim has been created on purpose for each hip hop track, often interpolating the main melody on keyboards or sampling the bassline. I usually don't post new records but this bootleg is so good I just couldn't resist. From Busta Rhymes to The Beastie Boys, from Biggie Small to Roots Manuva, everybody (even the Stax logo on the cover) enjoys for the best the jamaican vacations treatment.

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Anonyme a dit…

fantastic stuff!
first time I heard hip hop reggae blended, I love it!

thanks & respect!