jeudi 29 avril 2010

Sitar Beat ! - Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. II (Guerilla Reissues - 2007)

Sitar Beat ! - Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. II

The volume 2 of the CD edition of the Sitar Beat ! serie has not that much sitar or even beat in it. If volume one was full of psychedelic breakbeats, volume 2 is more a compilation of 70's Bollywood songs, sometimes vaguely influenced by psyche funk or soul but with a lot of Morricone style trumpet and accordion in it. In fact, the greatest default of this record is just that, if the songs are not edited, they nonetheless lacks the crazy pictures and dances that accompany them. Bollywood songs and shrill voices can sometimes be a little bit repetitive and formulaic when they stand alone for my non initiated ears, even if they are classics written by Kalyanji or Anandji. But when you have a Amitabh movie with them, they just make you have a good day.

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